Field by Field

Wherein I build a logo and mini site for a friend’s new company!

Changing Highlight Colors with CSS

Wherein I explain how I customized the colors for all the text highlighting and form fields on the site!

Welcome to the new!

Wherein I introduce yet another site redesign!

Now With More html5!

Apologies to my asthmatic readers as I blow off a thick layer of dust, crack my knuckles, and dive back in to my blog for the first time in almost a year.

Site Updates

Welcome to the new and improved! I’ve been working on updating the entire site for a few weeks now and I am pretty happy with the final result. As I learn more about web design, I enjoy putting my new skills to good use. The site has been aesthetically refined, and the structure has […]

Lucid Learning

My latest web design project just went live! Check it out!

Wedding Invitations

Just dropped my wedding invitations in the mail, so I think it’s safe to share the design for them and the companion website. They are now posted to my Print page (and shown below). One more thing done!  

Animation in CSS3

I f you’re into these sorts of things, you’ve probably started to hear rumblings around the web development community that CSS3 and HTML5 will be “Flash killers.” At first I was all “Naw, dawg.” Then, someone brought this to my attention. It’s an Imperial AT-AT animated using ONLY CSS3 code. No Flash. No other fancy […]

The Little Logos That Couldn’t

One of the projects that never quite reached completion before Kaplan closed its doors was an online learning platform. It never got a proper name, only a code name. However, we “namestormed” a few ideas, for which I created logo concepts. Since these will never see the light of day in any official capacity, I […]

The Oatmeal

The guy who authors The Oatmeal is pretty much my new hero (at least for this week). A selection of some of my favorites:   How a Web Design Goes Straight to Hell How “Twilight” Works What Marcellus Wallace Looks Like