Gotham Girls

Finally finished! These have also been added to my Illustration page.

Gotham Girls Sneak Peek

For my next trick, I will create illustrations to represent each of the five Gotham Girls Roller Derby teams (plus a bonus girl). Why? Seems as good a way as any to keep the ‘ol drawing skills sharp. Also, Heather used to ref, I sometimes ran the score board, and many of our friends are […]

Victory by Design

Yesterday, I created a profile at This morning, I got the following email: Dear Michael Young,   After a review of your resume on we feel you may be a great candidate for enlistment into the U.S. Army or Army Reserves.   Blah blah blah opportunities, experience, an edge, etc. … Army Strong™. To […]

The Taste of Vengeance

Yesterday, I decided that my PS3 needed a new wallpaper image. Caption contest? Caption contest!  

Adobe Illustrator Master

Yukio Miymoto will kick your ass at Adobe Illustrator. See that camera below? It was done entirely with the Pen and Gradient Mesh tools. You can see it and more mind-blowing work at Yukio’s personal portfolio site. Now excuse me while I go cry quietly in a corner.    

Business Illustrations

Stephen Collins gets it.  

Commissioner Gorgon

A lot of work for a really terrible pun.

Old School Design. Literally.

While thumbing through my archives and deciding what to add and remove from my portfolio for the ol’ job search, I found the artwork for a bunch of posters that I did for my high school theater productions. Yep, I was a theater geek. Strangely, I got into poster design through theater, not vice versa. […]

Minimalist Literature

For funsies, I decided to create book cover designs for four classic Victorian horror/science fiction novels. Each title is distilled down to a single basic 2-color design. I may do more as inspiration strikes. I’m also working on a similar idea for Shakespeare plays which I hope to post soon.

Pandora is done!

I finally finished Pandora and added her to the Illustration page.