Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/5/12

Wherein I draw Batman!

The Doll Gotham Deserves …

Wherein I show everyone my new Gary Oldman doll.


The official The Dark Knight Rises website went live today, and so rises the curtain on what will probably be another excellent viral marketing campaign. Revealed: the first official pic of Bane (click to view the full image). Sweet.


Warner Brothers just announced an official release date for the sequel to one of their prominent franchises. Can you guess from my shameless fan art which one?  

Seattle Kidney Trip – Day 11

The last few days here have been very quiet, and that’s a good thing. Heather is feeling better every day. Between bouts as attentive nurse maid,  I have been relaxing, playing “Uncharted 2,” and wrestling with two very energetic little boys. Because Heather’s doctor insisted that her post-op evaluation not happen until the 15th, we’ll […]

“The Classic Villain”

Where was this site last Halloween?! And why didn’t I have $1,825 to spend?! Authentic Joker Costume from Magnoli Clothiers