Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/3/12

a baby monster

October 3, 2012 – “a baby monster”

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/1/12

Four about a week-and-a-half, I had a popular thing going on Facebook wherein, inspired by the book 642 Things to Draw, I drew a quick sketch every day and posted it to my wall. (Most of the sketches are now posted in my Sketch Book page.) It was a very popular project, but I had to abandon when more important life things took precedent (or, I just got lazy … whichever you like). Anyway, now that the sight of my blog no longer makes me want to vomit a little, I thought I would revive the project.

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Heather’s Anniversary Gift

Scrabble Typography Edition Header

Things Heather and I both love: words, board games, typography, beautiful design. Scrabble Typography Edition was a bit of a no-brainer anniversary gift. The cover is solid birch. The storage case, board pieces, and tiles are solid walnut. The tile racks are stainless steel. Small round magnets keep the board pieces together as well as hold them in place when they are put away inside the storage case. Each letter tile is a “different and exciting font.” I have beaten Heather at Scrabble literally one time in four years, and I will probably lose many games to come … but at least now I will look good doing it.

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Two Years!

Two years ago today, I married one hell of an awesome lady. Here’s to many more years of adventures together, Heather!

European Honeymoon Book

This coming Tuesday, the 25th, my wife and I will celebrate our second wedding anniversary. You and she will have to wait to find out what I got her this year, but this is a perfect occasion to talk about last year’s gift. The traditional first-year gift is paper. So, I decided to design a printed book of my blog posts about our honeymoon (all of which you can read here). The book’s text has been on this site for over a year now, but I never got to share what I did for the printed version.

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The Doll Gotham Deserves …

Like many children of the ’80s, I had a respectable collection of action figures. My vices were He-Man, Transformers, G.I. Joe and, of course, Star Wars. I was especially proud of my collection because they were played with, but exceptionally well cared for. My family was far from wealthy, so Mom and Dad had a strict policy against replacing carelessly broken toys. (Also, even as a kid, I was, how shall we say … tidy.) Anyway, when I was 8, we moved from Colorado to Florida and a culling of possessions was necessary. Most of The Immaculate Collection went for pennies on the dollar in a garage sale. I thought little of it until a few years later when I saw the peg wall at Intergalactic Comics & Collectibles, hung thick with old Star Wars figures, each selling for two, five, or even ten times their original retail price. It was regret made manifest, neatly wrapped in acid-free poly bags.

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Changing Highlight Colors with CSS


Did you know that you can control how text and form highlighting looks on a web page? BECAUSE I DIDN’T. Normally, when you highlight a bit of text in a paragraph or click on a form field, the highlight color for those actions is something like light blue; assigned by default by your browser. However, someone savvy with CSS can make those colors whatever they like, and even make it so different paragraphs show different colors when highlighted. This is an amount of visual control that many web designers choose to forego—especially since the feature is only supported by the newest browsers—but given my Prussian perfectionism, I had to implement it. There’s no trick to it, it’s just a simple trick! All it takes is a few lines of simple code in the CSS:

::selection {
background:rgba(255,230,0,.50); /* Safari */
::-moz-selection {
background:rgba(255,230,0,.50); /* Firefox */
input:focus, textarea:focus {

BAM! Now, when you highlight text on my website, you’ll see bright, lovely, Hi-Liter yellow. When you click to enter text into the search field of my blog or the Contact form, the edge of the form glows a nice lime green. CSS is amazing.


There is a tiny man at the bottom of every page of this site, staring into the middle distance, blinking into infinity with a bemused grin on his face. You may ask “Who is that little guy?” Well, he’s me. Or at least he is meant to represent me. He has been featured in every version of this site since October 2010. Clicking him used to lead to the About page, which has been re-worked into the new home page. Now, he takes you to the Contact form.

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Welcome to the new!

I Am Mike Young 3.0

Another year, another website redesign! You are now looking at the third major iteration of While some may argue that constantly tinkering with one’s work can be a somewhat annoying and compulsive behavior, I am of the mind that change can be good, especially where interactive media is concerned. What it comes down to is this: The more I learn about web design and design in general, the more I want to apply those things to this site. So, what I have learned?

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Now With More html5!

Apologies to my asthmatic readers as I blow off a thick layer of dust, crack my knuckles, and dive back in to my blog for the first time in almost a year. What brought me back online after all this time? HTML5! After turning down more than one freelance web job, I started to feel that web design books, Google, and trial and error were not providing me the skills that I desired. So, I enrolled in a 12-week course at SVA. We meet every Sunday from 10:00 a.m. to 2:00 p.m. Next week will be my sixth class. So far we’ve covered JQuery, basic animation, Canvas, “for” loops, animated navigation, and building/animating objects in 3D space. The material is interesting, and challenging without being overwhelming, which is what I hoped for when I enrolled.

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