An Octopus Holding an Umbrella, Making French-Press Coffee

This is an illustration I did for work to help promote the Seattle Interactive Conference.

European Honeymoon Book

Wherein I talk about the photo book I made of our honeymoon!

Changing Highlight Colors with CSS

Wherein I explain how I customized the colors for all the text highlighting and form fields on the site!

Welcome to the new!

Wherein I introduce yet another site redesign!

Now With More html5!

Apologies to my asthmatic readers as I blow off a thick layer of dust, crack my knuckles, and dive back in to my blog for the first time in almost a year.

Cool for Cats

Recently, I had the privilege of designing a book cover for friend and former colleague, Andrew Ordover. The book is a noir-ish crime thriller about a private investigator/bass player—a man usually adept at avoiding drama and intrique—who is pulled into solving the mystery of an old friend’s suspicious death. It was fun to work on something a […]

Everybody’s Got the Right

My very good friend Marissa is in town this weekend, visiting from L.A. Marissa is probably the biggest fan of live theatre that I know. (I’m sure there are bigger fans out there, but I am not personally acquainted with any of those people, so Marissa wins.) Marissa comes to NYC for a few days […]


UPDATE 9/17/12: Well, the entirety of this post is now moot, as the whole site has undergone a major re-design (again). It’s a nice historical document, though. On the bright side, is now live and well! UPDATE: The splash page is now live. Same overall idea, but cleaner. Dear The Seven Readers of My Blog, […]

Best. Gift. Ever. Part 2.

When my wife—then girlfriend—moved in with me two years ago, we had a grand plan to stock our kitchen cupboard with pint glasses etched with the logos of the members of the Justice League of America. (We got the idea after she made a glass for Tom with the Black Hawk logo.) Life intervened, time […]

Site Updates

Welcome to the new and improved! I’ve been working on updating the entire site for a few weeks now and I am pretty happy with the final result. As I learn more about web design, I enjoy putting my new skills to good use. The site has been aesthetically refined, and the structure has […]