The Doll Gotham Deserves …

Wherein I show everyone my new Gary Oldman doll.

More “Sleep No More”

SPOILER ALERT: If you don’t want to know anything about Punchdrunk’s “Sleep No More,” particularly what happens when one of the characters pulls you into one of the secret rooms, this is not the blog entry you’re looking for. * * * * * “Fortune favors the bold,” the bellhop reminded us as we rode […]


The official The Dark Knight Rises website went live today, and so rises the curtain on what will probably be another excellent viral marketing campaign. Revealed: the first official pic of Bane (click to view the full image). Sweet.

Everybody’s Got the Right

My very good friend Marissa is in town this weekend, visiting from L.A. Marissa is probably the biggest fan of live theatre that I know. (I’m sure there are bigger fans out there, but I am not personally acquainted with any of those people, so Marissa wins.) Marissa comes to NYC for a few days […]

Sleep No More

©Sara Krulwich/The New York Times Last night, I decimated the Fourth Wall, and it was amazing. My wife, our friend Lauren, her friend Zhubin, and I experienced Sleep No More, an immersive theatrical show produced by the English troupe Punchdrunk. Sleep No More is part Macbeth, part Hitchcock’s Rebecca, and part Disney’s Tower of Terror ride with […]

My 2011 Oscar Picks

UPDATED: Finally saw “The King’s Speech.” It affected a few of my picks. The 2011 Oscar nominees were announced this morning! I didn’t have a blog up and running in time for the 2010 Oscars, but this year I am excited to be able to post my picks. We’ll call it the start of an […]

Best. Gift. Ever. Part 2.

When my wife—then girlfriend—moved in with me two years ago, we had a grand plan to stock our kitchen cupboard with pint glasses etched with the logos of the members of the Justice League of America. (We got the idea after she made a glass for Tom with the Black Hawk logo.) Life intervened, time […]

Unpublished Movie One-Sheets

I like movies. I like good graphic design. So, I like this feature from Empire that gives us nine great examples of movie posters that almost were. Inception is below. Click the image for eight more.  


I often use the word “blurst” to describe things that are absolutely terrible. Worse than the worst. I got the word from a season four episode of The Simpsons; the one where Lisa needs braces and Mr. Burns shows new union boss Homer a room full of a thousand chimps typing on a thousand typewriters […]

Barbie’s Gone “Mad”

Personally, I’m holding out for the Breaking Bad G.I. Joes. PS. Mom and Dad, I know you’re reading this, and I know you’re not much for TV anymore, but you should get on board with Mad Men. I’m dying to know how it hits with people who actually remember the moon landing and JFK (even […]