A Sports Metaphor

Imagine a football team. The players on this team don’t like each other very much. They argue a lot. They disagree about most things. Most of the players have been playing football for a long time. They trained hard and played in college and junior leagues and worked their way up to the pros. They […]

Heather’s Anniversary Gift

Wherein I show off Scrabble Typography Edition, which I gave to Heather on our second anniversary.

Two Years!

Two years ago today, I married one hell of an awesome lady. Here’s to many more years of adventures together, Heather!

The Doll Gotham Deserves …

Wherein I show everyone my new Gary Oldman doll.


Wherein the origin of the mysterious footer man, Blinky, is revealed!

Ten Years

On a warm morning less than a month after my 22nd birthday, I anxiously sat in a terminal in the Orlando International Airport with Mom and Dad, watching the sun rise over the tarmac. My ticket was one way. Everything I would need in New York City was packed into a black rolling suitcase and an […]

Pure Sex

Suburban guys have their fixer-upper hot rods and home theater rooms. Freelance graphic designers in New York City swap stories about Apple tech and office chairs. She just arrived today. Ain’t she a beauty? My back and shoulders are already thanking me.

Don’t Be That Guy

This is what happens when the sanctimonious sign-maker in your apartment building is a graphic designer at an advertising firm.

A Special Message for Language Pedants

From Stephen Fry. I love this guy, and could listen to him speak for hours. Maybe that’s the excuse I need to listen to the Harry Potter books on CD.  

The Sandpit

I love tilt shift.   The Sandpit from Sam O’Hare on Vimeo.