Best. Gift. Ever. Part 2.

When my wife—then girlfriend—moved in with me two years ago, we had a grand plan to stock our kitchen cupboard with pint glasses etched with the logos of the members of the Justice League of America. (We got the idea after she made a glass for Tom with the Black Hawk logo.) Life intervened, time […]

Best. Gift. Ever.

This arrived for us in the mail on Saturday:

Tree Trimming 2010

Heather’s birthday was this past Saturday (December 12th). To celebrate, we invited a few friends to enjoy homemade lasagna and help us trim our Christmas tree. Here are a few photos of the result!

The Royal Tannenbaum

I grew up in Orlando.  My wife grew up in Seattle. During the holidays, we usually travel to see our families. This year we decided to spare ourselves the expense, stress, full body scans of holiday travel and spend our first Christmas as husband and wife together in New York City. It was decided early […]

Orlandeattle Christmas – Day 16

So begins the last official day of my long Christmas vacation. (I don’t return to work until Tuesday, but since tomorrow will be spent almost entirely on a plane, I’m not counting that as “vacation.”) A quick recap of days 10–15:

Orlandeattle Christmas – Day 9

What’s the only thing better than Christmas? SECOND Christmas with a seven-course German meal cooked by Heather’s Papa. First, we waited for Heather’s brother and his girlfriend to arrive so we could open presents. Then, food glorious food. Course 1: Toasted pumpernickel bread under grated muenster cheese and tomatoes roasted with honey and alea sea […]

Orlandeattle Christmas – Day 8

Delta airlines is ruthlessly efficient. We left Orlando at 1:51 PM EST and arrived in Seattle just after 6:00 PM PST, almost an hour earlier than scheduled. Both flights were thankfully uneventful. During the hour-long layover in Cincinnati, we played “How Many People on This Flight Are From Seattle?” Winners were easy to spot: the […]

Orlandeattle Christmas – Day 7

Christmas Eve: Patrick Stewart’s “A Christmas Carol,” midnight mass, then a drive around the neighborhood to look at light displays. Christmas Day: We awoke to a delightful brunch of eggs benedict, then exchanged gifts … like you do on Christmas morning. The highlight of my day: Best. Present. Ever. Thank you, Heather! I write this as she […]

Orlandeattle Christmas – Day 5

People look at you like you are a crazy homeless murderer when you walk around at night in the Orlando-area suburbs. Heather and I took an after-dinner stroll to the nearest Target and grocery store last night. We walked because we wanted the exercise, and the distance is comparable to not more than ten Manhattan […]

Orlandeattle Christmas – Day 2

My fiancée Heather and I decided that we would split our Christmastime family visits this year; the first week in Orlando to see mine, the second week in Seattle to see hers. The second full day in Orlando is wrapping as I write this. The trip thus far has been pleasant and relatively uneventful. We’ve done […]