Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/3/12

Wherein I draw a baby monster!

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/1/12

Wherein I drew a sandwich!

Heather’s Anniversary Gift

Wherein I show off Scrabble Typography Edition, which I gave to Heather on our second anniversary.

Two Years!

Two years ago today, I married one hell of an awesome lady. Here’s to many more years of adventures together, Heather!

European Honeymoon Book

Wherein I talk about the photo book I made of our honeymoon!

The Doll Gotham Deserves …

Wherein I show everyone my new Gary Oldman doll.

Changing Highlight Colors with CSS

Wherein I explain how I customized the colors for all the text highlighting and form fields on the site!


Wherein the origin of the mysterious footer man, Blinky, is revealed!

Welcome to the new!

Wherein I introduce yet another site redesign!

Now With More html5!

Apologies to my asthmatic readers as I blow off a thick layer of dust, crack my knuckles, and dive back in to my blog for the first time in almost a year.