A Sports Metaphor

Imagine a football team. The players on this team don’t like each other very much. They argue a lot. They disagree about most things. Most of the players have been playing football for a long time. They trained hard and played in college and junior leagues and worked their way up to the pros. They […]

An Octopus Holding an Umbrella, Making French-Press Coffee

This is an illustration I did for work to help promote the Seattle Interactive Conference.

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 4/9/13

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Today’s doodle is brought to you by my mom’s birthday! Happy birthday, Mom!

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 4/8/13

Today’s drawing is in honor of Tom Kurzkanski’s birthday. Why an octopus with a party hat and a cupcake? Who cares! It’s an octopus wearing a party hat and holding a cupcake!

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 4/4/13

All right, let’s try this again. I’m all moved and settled in, so there’s really no excuse not to keep drawing, eh? Keep me honest, people. Today’s doodle is thematically appropriate.

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/22/12

Wherein I stop for The Claw!

Field by Field

Wherein I build a logo and mini site for a friend’s new company!

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/11/12

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Wherein a draw Ryan, the SCOLBA fish!

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/8/12

Wherein I draw a picture of “Adventure Time’s” Finn & Jake in the style of “The Dark Knight Returns.”

Thrice-Weekly Drawing: 10/5/12

Wherein I draw Batman!