Animation in CSS3


f you’re into these sorts of things, you’ve probably started to hear rumblings around the web development community that CSS3 and HTML5 will be “Flash killers.” At first I was all “Naw, dawg.” Then, someone brought this to my attention. It’s an Imperial AT-AT animated using ONLY CSS3 code. No Flash. No other fancy plugins. The creator talks about how he did it on the Optimum 7 blog. Pretty awesome and exciting stuff. I cannot wait to master you, CSS3.

NOTE: This will only work in browsers that support webkit (Safari and Chrome).

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  1. Moeskido – February 14, 2010 at 12:10 PM

    The “xxxx-killer” cage-match rhetoric, wherever it’s used in the tech community, is mostly linkbait nonsense. But I can certainly see these efficient, open standards gaining ground gradually enough to sideline Flash back to its core use as a plug-in for special content, instead of a first-choice framework for entire sites.

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