A Sports Metaphor

Imagine a football team.

The players on this team don’t like each other very much. They argue a lot. They disagree about most things. Most of the players have been playing football for a long time. They trained hard and played in college and junior leagues and worked their way up to the pros. They know how to run plays and score goals. However, none of them seem to like running plays or scoring goals very much anymore. Mostly, they just argue with each other and talk about what they will do when they become Coach.

Half of the players don’t like Coach and wish he would go. They disagree with him about almost everything. When Coach asks the players to pass, they say “Passing is bad for the team.”

“OK,” says Coach. “Then run.”

“The fans don’t want us to run,” they’ll say. “Running is for losers.”

No matter what Coach asks, the players refuse. “Coach doesn’t know what he’s doing. I’d be a much better coach than Coach,” they often say.

The other players DO like Coach. They run when Coach asks them to run and they pass when Coach asks them to pass, but the team still hardly ever scores. (When all the players don’t work as a team, scoring is almost impossible.)

Any time Coach gives a speech in the locker room or holds a press conference, the captain of the team gives his own speech or press conference afterward, telling all the players and the fans that Coach is stupid or wrong.

Some fans like Coach and agree with the players who do too. Other fans dislike Coach and agree with the players who think he should go. However, MOST fans just want the team to win and wish the players would just shut up and play.

Because at this rate, if they even make it to the World Cup, China is going to kick their asses.

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